Not much else matters…

View from the Mount Peyton Outfitters' Lodge.
View from the Mount Peyton Outfitters’ Lodge.

Next week I’ll be out of pocket as they say so you won’t be getting any wonderfully fulfilling gibberish here at Empty Cases. I’ll once again be going to one of my favorite places in the world to hunt; Newfoundland. I’ll also be hunting with some good friends. A group of people that really know how to do it right at hunting camp. This will be my fourth hunt with the boys from Mt. Peyton Outfitters and I’ve never been disappointed in the least.

I’ll also be hunting with three of my favorite people. It will be Sheriff Jim Wilson’s first trip to Newfoundland and I’m sure we will have some interesting conversations at night over some whiskey and fine food. Heaven help anyone else if we turn up two guitars.

And then there is the ultimate free spirit – David Draper. If there was ever a guy who could write with the skill of Hemingway, Draper is the guy. Problem is, at least as far as I’m concerned, Hemingway had nothing on Ruark.

Last but not least, Linda Powell will be in camp. Linda is a champ and one of the most experienced – world wide – hunters I know. She’ll be there to show the men how it is supposed to be done. My goal is to not piss her off on this trip. I don’t want her getting that broom out!

I’d say to wish me luck but I don’t believe in such a thing. I’m going to shoot a bull moose, a black bear and maybe even a coyote. And, if I don’t see the real thing to shoot – or if I miss, sometimes gunwriters do that – I’ve always got my imagination. That combined with the opportunity to see beautiful country, use a new prototype Mossberg rifle, hunt with a great group of guides, eat good food and stay in fine accommodations while sharing times with great friends…Well…Not much else matters.