Not Just a Pistol – A Para

The PARA-USA pistol below is the handgun I used during my Gunsite 250 Pistol Class. It consumed about 1100 rounds in one week. I used it to shoot my class high score of 72 on the famous El Prez drill and a commendable score of 51 on the school drill. I also used this pistol to win the man on man shoot off against another student using a custom 1911, His pistol broke in the fourth run of our best out of five. Yeah, maybe I’m bragging but you can’t do any bragging if you are shooting a junk pistol.

Click the picture and watch the video to learn more about the new PARA-USA.

The guy talking in the video, William “Smalls” Smalley, is the man who built the PARA-USA 1911 Commander I used in the class. Its as smooth a running 1911 as I’ve handled. Stand back; when this pistol clears leather, somethings going to happen cause its not just a pistol, it’s a PARA and the PARA of today is not the PARA of yesterday. There are a lot of used up targets at Gunsite that can attest to that.

Daniel Cox

To further build your confidence in the new pistols coming out of PARA-USA, Daniel Cox has just been named the Product Manager of Handguns for PARA-USA and all of Freedom Group. Daniel was most recently the man with the plan at Bushmaster and he can flat shoot a handgun. I know, he put me in my place a few days ago at Gunsite. (He’s not been on the job long enough to know you always let the gunwriter win.) Daniel and I talked for a long time about the future of PARA-USA and I’m excited about what I heard and his enthusiasm. With guys like him and World Champion Travis Tomasie on the team, PARA-USA is sure to be the 1911 manufacturer to watch.