Introducing: The Scout Rifle Study – A Web Book
Introducing: The Scout Rifle Study – A Web Book

Introducing: The Scout Rifle Study – A Web Book

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The Scout Rifle Study is a project that began so long ago I’ve forgotten when. It started as research for an article and morphed into an obsession that has consumed much of my time. When it was announced that the findings of the study would be published in book format I received many requests for pre-orders along with a host of advice. Everything including a coffee table book to something as simple as one in the Kindle format was suggested.

But times are changing and the Internet is now the main source for information on just about everything. Just the same, the popularity of Scout Rifles is at an all time high, with interesting and exciting news occurring frequently. For these reasons I’ve decided to publish the 60,000 + word manuscript, chapter by chapter, on-line, in web page format.

This publication method offers multiple advantages over common printed or digital manuscripts:

The content can be updated with new information at any time.

Multitudes of images can be included, some of which are historical and of a resolution not suitable for print.

The web-based format will permit video integration.

It will allow for forum based reader discussion, reader contributions, and social media sharing.

Most importantly, with a single click the Scout Rifle Study can inform interested parties all over the world about Scout Rifles.

And YES, it will be FREE!

The registration website is now live. Click HERE and you’ll be able to sign up to receive e-mail notifications when new content is posted.