Does Velocity Matter?
Does Velocity Matter?

Does Velocity Matter?

45 GelI’ve been doing a lot of reading on handgun wounds and a lot of experts say velocity and the temporary stretch cavity do not contribute to wounding.

I’m a simple man but if that were true, wouldn’t a .38 Special be just as deadly as a .357 Magnum?


  1. Michael Saari

    I dont understand the word Temporary? Can the high velocity round entering a deer or other animal that destroys lungs and liver by way of a temporary cavity repair themselves after turning into jello? Velocity is absolutely one of the main contributors to Terminal Performance!

  2. Stevel knevel

    Michael, he said “handgun” wounds, not high velocity rifle. And the answer is yes, thats’ why the .45 auto is so effective; it’s a big, fat, slow bullet intended/invented for the specific purpose of killing humans by expending all its energy in the body then stopping. – SK

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