Things I saw while hunting varmints in Wyoming

You never know what you might see on a hunt. Here are some images from the Denver airport all the way out to Nowhere, Wyoming.

The coyote I missed. Even gunwriters shoot badly sometimes.
A somewhat tasteless – but well done – sign at a package store.
A pile of brass in one place means the prairie dogs are plentiful or that you cannot hit anything.
People are hungry all over the world but not in Albany, Wyoming – Population: 55
This is what your guide’s truck is not supposed to look like.
This is what a mall sign looks like in the middle of Wyoming.
A neat roof rack on a camper top.
The great guide Cory Lumberg shooting prairie dogs with white might be Mossberg’s best rifle – the MVP Patrol.
An unusual advertisement in the Denver airport.
What a .223 Remington does to a prairie dog.