The further you get…
The further you get…

The further you get…

Gunsite Gatge -2Recently, I was drug over the coals by a reader who took issue with my comment that, “The further you get from Gunsite, the less faith you can have in your training.”

His position was that my words were an insult to many good firearms training schools. I guess my comment could be taken to mean that but I would like to explain my words to those who might lack the comprehension to see them for what they really are.

The best way to do that is with some other “quotes” I also stand behind. So, here is my list of offending statements for the day. (I’m sure others will follow as soon as tomorrow.)

The further you get from Colt, the less faith you can have in your 1911.”

The further you get from New Ultra Light Arms, the less faith you can have in your lightweight hunting rifle.”

The further you get from the Nosler Partition, the less faith you can have in your hunting bullet.”

“The further you get from America, the less faith you can have in your freedom.”

P-06None of these statements are meant to disparage any person, company or organization. They simply give credit where credit is due. They recognize the contribution made and the standard set. Do other companies make good 1911s? Yep, a Para is one of my favorites, but it was Colt who created the legend. As for lightweight hunting rifles, 30 years ago Melvin Forbes created the first just like John Nosler ushered in the era of the deluxe hunting bullet and like America set the stage for individual freedoms.

Gunsite, as I detailed HERE, was the first firearms training academy dedicated to the civilian who was interested in personal protection. Gunsite set the standard and continues to do so. No one with honesty or experience will question the legitimacy of a Gunsite diploma.

But don’t take a backwoods hillbilly’s word for it. Sheriff Jim Wilson has a much better set of credentials to make the evaluation than I. Maybe you should read what he has to say on the matter.

We also have a saying here in the hills. Its, “The further you get from West Virginia, the less faith you can have in anything.” Yes, I probably just offended folks from 49 other states but I would bet a man from Alabama, Wyoming or yes, even California, feels the same way about the ground he calls home.

If someone does feel that way and says it, does it hurt my feelings or make me feel that they have disparaged my home State? Nope. It just means they are wrong.

Montani Sempre Liberi


  1. Michael Durham

    Perhaps it was just a little bit of a brain cramp like I have from time to time but Colt did not Create the legendary 1911 it was John Browning! Now the for me the correct comment should be Colt DEVELOPED the Legend of the 1911. Perhaps I’m splitting hairs but just had to make the comment not disrespect intended.

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