Terrorists and Silver Bullets
Terrorists and Silver Bullets

Terrorists and Silver Bullets

WW-9Let’s imagine for a moment there’s been a widespread outbreak of Lycanthropy. OK, if you don’t know what that is, its werewolfism. You know what that is, right? It’s were people who seem otherwise ordinary are afflicted with a disease where they turn violent and at unsuspecting moments attack and kill in mass fashion.

Now, let’s also imagine these werewolves have attacked all across the United States in places like New York, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Florida, and Californian. In every case where the attacks occurred no one was armed with a silver bullet that would allowed them to have stopped the attack. Why? Because in those locations silver bullets were not permitted.

Now, what if your government decided to make sure you do not have the best tool at your disposal to thwart this outbreak. Let’s say they outlawed silver bullets. Would you stand for that?

If werewolves were threatening us, taking away silver bullets would seem ludicrous. But, we are faced with the same type of insanity, where government officials, politicians, and even our fellow citizens want to do the same because they’re afraid we’ll be attacked by radical Islamic terrorists.

You see radical Islamic terrorists in the United States are very much like werewolves. They live what appears to be an otherwise normal life on the outside, while dealing with the demon of their radicalized faith on the inside. When they lose control to that demon, bad things happen and we cannot predict when or where that will occur.

In the face of this verified and deadly threat, restricting or prohibiting citizen access to silver bullets – AR 15s or Glock like semi-automatic handguns like the police rely on to solve terrorist problems – makes about as much sense as throwing all our penicillin in the river because you fear someone might be deathly allergic to it.

Let’s forget the terrorists for a moment. If werewolves were colonizing the United States and you did not know when or where they might strike, what do you think you should do?

Maybe, you should get some silver bullets?

Maybe, you should learn how to shoot those silver bullets under stress?

Maybe, you should make a plan for when an attack might occur?

Maybe, you should avoid places where you are not permitted to have silver bullets?

Maybe, you should train up your loved ones to do the same?

Maybe, you should vote for those who do not want to take away your silver bullets.

Maybe, you should even vote for those wanting to curb the flow of potential werewolves into our nation?


I don’t know about you but I’m prepared to go into that dark night and I’m preparing my family to do the same. Because, it looks like night is coming and a full moon is probably coming with it.

Here is the National Rifle Association‘s take on it. Maybe its time you joined the cause.