Lever Action Maximization

Mossberg’s 464 lever action .30-30 with a Barranti Leather butt-cuff, XS Sights and XS Lever Rail, and Hornady LeveRevolution ammunition.

A lever-action rifle makes for a fine general purpose, hunting, or defensive firearm. There are also some accessories you can attach to make it even better. Maybe one of the most important is ammunition. After all, the only thing hunters carry to the timber, that actually comes into contact with his quarry, is the bullet.

Innovation with the most common lever-action cartridge – the .30-30 Winchester – languished for a long time because hunters were abandoning it for more modern options. Hornady changed all this with their LeveRevoultion ammunition that utilized soft, pointed tips. These tips let bullets with higher ballistic coefficients be loaded into tubular magazines. With their more aerodynamic shape they flattened trajectory and increased impact energy. Their latest MonoFlex LeveRevolution bullet combines the technologies of the GMX and FTX (soft tip) design, giving lever gun shooters the high weight retention advantages of a monolithic bullet.

Here are a few more suggestions; stuff I’ve used and can vouch for. You might like them all, some, or none depending on how you want to use your lever gun.