Sunday Hunting
Sunday Hunting

Sunday Hunting


Seeing as how I’m not a famous Hollywood actor or musical icon, I obviously do not have the qualifications to tell you who to vote for, for president. Apparently, by pretending to be someone else you are qualified to give that kind of advice.

I have however hunted my entire life. I’ve hunted all over my home state of West Virginia, across the United States, on four continents, and in almost a dozen countries. I know a thing or two about hunting. So, with that background established I offer the following:

On election day West Virginian’s in eight counties can vote for or against Sunday hunting on private land. 39 of our 50 States already allow Sunday hunting. It can increase revenue for businesses within West Virginia. And, in a time when the hunter numbers are declining, it can help the Department of Natural Resources better control game populations. What many who are firmly against or marginally opposed to Sunday hunting do not understand is that if passed, it will only allow Sunday hunting on private land. I’ve always been of the notion that on my own land I ought to be able to do what I want.


Why do I support Sunday hunting? For starters there are lots of hard working men and women across this state who work six and even seven days every week. Our buck season lasts two weeks. For those folks it can be very difficult to get in the woods. This is especially true if they do not have enough seniority at work to take vacation during that time. Sunday hunting would at least allow many residents two or maybe a few more days to hunt. It also gives those adults a day to spend in the outdoors with their kids. Its shame when one man has to take another man’s children hunting because their dad has to work.


Secondly, kids who are involved in high school athletics during that time have few opportunities to hunt. My son has played basketball all through school and the only day he gets to hunt is on Thanksgiving because he has school and / or practice every other day – including Saturday.

Here’s how I see it. You can do anything else you want to do on Sunday. You can go to a bar and get drunk, get married, go shopping, go to a strip club, watch football, bet on football, play football, ride ATVs, shoot guns, fish, race cars, throw rocks, cuss, swim, go to work and even go to church. Given all that, what is the logical reasoning behind not being able to hunt – collect wild protein to feed your family – on your own land (or private land) on Sunday?


Factually speaking, there is no logical reason for it to be illegal to hunt on Sunday. It’s already permitted in 22 of West Virginia’s 55 counties and what better way is there to enjoy the bounty of this earth!

Vote YES for Sunday hunting in West Virginia and if you don’t want to hunt on Sunday, stay home and watch football, mow your yard, or see how much beer you can drink.