Scout Rifle Study – Part 3


I’ve found it more than interesting that posts related to scout rifles are generating so much traffic. Many would have us believe that the scout rifle is an outdated concept and that the modern AR is its successor. You can argue the point until you’re blue in the face but the free market seems to have spoken. Ruger catalogs 12 different versions of their Gunsite Scout Rifle and Browning is even offering a takedown “scout” version of the BLR. There is a resurgence, that we cannot argue.

I’ve become somewhat obsessed with the thing, probably to a point where it is unhealthy. I’ve been troubled by two questions. The first question is, what is a scout rifle? Before you look at me like I’ve just lunched with Bloomberg, ask that question to three folks and you’ll get three different answers. The second question is, does the scout rifle have merit – is it a viable general purpose rifle option for the new millennium citizen?

As mentioned in previous posts, a book has been decided on and the title will be, The Scout Rifle Study. This is because the book will reflect, not my pontification and opinions on the matter, but the results of an exhaustive investigation aimed at answering both questions. The subtitle has not been decided on because the study has not been completed and the results are, at this time, unknown. I’ve decided to self publish because I’ve had my fill of book publishers and I’d rather my offspring – as opposed to those of a publisher – enjoy any profits that might come in.

Ruger Scout

An outline has been created, the rifles have been assembled, a protocol is in place and various field exercises to include hunts have been planned. I’m sure tidbits will leak out here from time to time and I’m hoping the finished product is available with the new year. In the mean time, if you’re interested in the scout rifle I suggest you point your clicker to There is a lot of information in this forum about scout rifles and from what I can tell it is devoid of trolls and basement dwelling gun gurus. In fact, I’d not mind being a party to the forum, if I had time to be a part of a forum.

If interested readers have comments they would like to offer or experiences they would like to relate with regard to scout rifles, my door is open. One thing that I can say without hesitation is that during the last two years and specifically the last several months of working on this project, I’ve learned more about rifles and shooting them than anytime in my life. If the scout rifle is good for nothing else, it has been good for me in that arena.