Nighthawk Custom Pistols ON DEMAND


In the gun world, few things compare to ordering a custom firearm. I’ve done it several times and the planning phase is almost as fun as they day the gun finally arrives. Of course, with custom firearms the wait can be kind of excruciating; kinda like the wait for that first kiss.

The modern world we live in does not cater to patience. It seems everyone wants every thing right now. I’ll admit, even though I grew up in a time when you had to SASE to get a company’s catalog, on occasion I fall victim to that, want it right now, mind set. (If you don’t know what SASE is, you might be too young to own a pistol.) This lack of patience is of course why I have Amazon Prime – anything I want in two days.

But, Amazon does not sell custom 1911s!

That two-day scratch is hard to perform if your itch is for a custom handgun. In many cases it can take a year to see the end result of all your lust. However, Nighthawk Custom Firearms is now offering what they call the RESERVE. The Nighthawk RESERVE is in-stock, full custom, 1911s, that ship within three business days.

HERE IS THE LINK to what is available. If you are ready to buy, make the click with credit card in hand. If you are not sure if you want to order right now, hide your credit card before visiting because, a kiss that close is hard to turn down.