Mossberg MVP Scout / Vortex Scout Scope Combination


Mossberg has teamed with Vortex optics to offer several package rifles. One is the MVP Scout with the new Vortex Scout Scope. The Mossberg MVP Scout is a compact, lightweight, bolt-action rifle well suited to general purpose use. The fact that you can now get it from the factory with a serviceable scout scope is even better. The package – rifle and scope – should be found for less than a grand. $ 551.00 for the rifle only at Bud’s Gun Shop and the scoped version should be available soon for about another $ 200.00.

I don’t consider the new Vortex Crossfire II Scout Scope a perfect scout scope. The field of view is a bit narrow and the large ocular and objective housings necessitate a higher mount than I would like. However, it is a tremendous improvement over the clunky IER scope Mossberg was offering with this rifle and, as I’ve found, the added magnification can be extremely handy when actually applying a rifle in the field. On a positive note, the larger objective should help with light transmission and the eye relief is at a near perfect 9.45 inches.

I will share something additional I’ve learned messing with scout rifles for the last several years. If you want to take advantage of the integral ghost ring sights you need quick release rings. I’ve found none better to work with a Picatinny rail than the Leupold QRW rings. They are easy on and off and return to zero very well.