Defensive Handgun Training
Defensive Handgun Training

Defensive Handgun Training


I’m at Gunsite taking the 250 Pistol Course yet again. Actually I’m taking the Crimson Trace Laser Integrated Version. I was shocked to learn that it is not one of the most popular courses at Gunsite. But then I realized some folks probably assume you only use lasers during this class. Nothing could be further from the truth.

You see, first and foremost, Gunsite is a gunfighting school. You don’t come here to learn to play with toys or how to shoot better during IDPA matches. You come here to learn to fight with a gun. You cannot learn to do that effectively if you do not learn to use the sights on your gun. When I helped Crimson Trace set this course up with Gunsite a few years back it was understood that the curriculum would include everything that comprised every 250 pistol course but with the inclusion of how to effectively use a laser on a defensive handgun.

In the laser integrated version you get everything you get in a regular 250 pistol course but you get extra stuff too. Part of that extra stuff includes an additional night shoot. And part of that extra stuff also includes training on how to use one of the most useful tools to help you save your life.

Now, I’m not gong to get into why a laser is so important on a defensive handgun. If you want that lesson read my book, Handgun Training for Personal Protection. What I will offer as advice is that if you have a defensive handgun you should have a laser on it. And, you should come to the only school that has a dedicated course designed to teach you to effectively use it. It also just happens to be the oldest, and in my opinion, the best defensive handgun training school in existence.

If you are considering taking the 250 Pistol Class at Gunsite, consider the laser integrated version. You’ll get more training and you’ll get it at a time of the year when you won’t melt on the range.

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