Daily Blog: 12/7/20 (Concealed Carry)

Daily Blog: 12/7/20 (Concealed Carry)

Today I’m working on my defensive handgun column for Gun Digest. Based on the questions I receive from readers of that magazine, other magazines, and on social media, there is currently a lot of interest in ways to carry a handgun concealed. Having done this on a daily basis since 1992 I can say with reasonably good confidence that, there is no good way to do it; strapping several pounds on your body and expecting 1) extreme comfort, and 2) total concealment is unreasonable. 

However, there are several ways to do it that are better than others, but most of the focus with regard to concealed carry is directed at the holster. This makes sense, the holster needs to be secure and as comfortable as possible. However, hiding the holster is just as critical and that task is served by clothing.

Fortunately, at this time of year most of us are wearing jackets when we go out. However, when you get to where you’re going you’re more than likely going to take your jacket off. That’s where a good vest comes in, which is also something you can utilize to hide a gun in the more temperate seasons.

Many vests are too short to do this effectively and others are too flimsy to easily clear for access to the handgun. A solid option is the Swift Cover Vest from Barranti Leather. It is available in two neutral colors; nutmeg or stone, and it was designed by a man who makes holsters – some of the best holsters in the world – for a living. It is cut at just the right length to hide a handgun holstered inside and maybe even outside the waistband, and it has little weights perfectly positioned to keep it in place and aid with sweeping the vest to get to the gun. And, damned if the thing don’t look pretty classy as well.

It might be just what you need and/or it might be just the perfect Christmas gift.