Daily Blog: 12/12/20 (Politics)

I was advised early on in my writing career to never discuss the subjects of politics or religion for fear it might offend some readers. For the most part I think this is good advice because I know of no two folks that agree fully on either subject. However, by the same token, when it comes to guns and hunting, full-agreement is just as rare.

Today I decided to forgo that advice and take a political stand. Regardless of your affiliation it is clear that we the people have allowed ourselves to be subjected to a ruling class, and by ruling class I mean politicians. Politicians who have made politics – deciding our lives for us – their occupation. This is asinine at its core; how can anyone learn anything about a real life if they don’t lead one. We’ve got politicians who have been senators for more than 20 years. Hell, politics is the only thing they know.

So, regardless if you are left, right, or somewhere in the middle, you are – because you allowed it to happen – subjects of a ruling class. As hard as it is to admit, it is our fault and there is really only one solution. I call it the “one and done.”

We need to stop re-electing the same people. Vote ’em in office. If they do a great job, give ’em one more term or possibly elect them to a higher office. After that, they can go home. If they suck as most politicians do, it’s one and done. That’s it. Then they have to go back to the real world and live under the laws they help create for the rest of their lives.

One things for certain, during this last year most everyone has realized that they voted for several folks who have no business being in charge of anything more important than the distribution of blinker fluid.