AR 15 Cartridges
AR 15 Cartridges

AR 15 Cartridges

RULE 10_02For nothing more than shear entertainment, the following polls are presented. Obviously “BEST” is a very subjective term and in this case it is left to the definition of the individual.


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For an additional survey on AR 15 cartridges and a look at the results of these questions, click HERE


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  2. David

    Having fired the .223, 6.8, and 6.5, I have to say that continuation of using the .223 (5.56) as a battle cartridge is a complete failure of our government and pressure to use NATO rounds. Both the 6.8 and 6.5 are far superior for “Bad Guys”. They may not be as accurate out at longer distances, but we aren’t fighting at any distance these cartridges couldn’t handle. I’ve personally dropped a 240lb hog with the 6.5 at 160m with one shot. And he fell like a rock! Would much rather put my life on the line with a cartridge like that!

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