Africa Again
Africa Again

Africa Again


I once described Africa as a drug. A drug administered at the hands of a capable dealer, also known as a professional hunter. With the right dealer you’ll develop an addiction, that while financially debilitating, is emotionally fulfilling. Few things bring with them the wonderment of an African sunrise, and few things warm the soul like an African campfire.

Very soon my son and I will head out for another month long safari in South Africa. For the burglars who think you can sweep into my home while I’m away and haul away all the goodies, if you’re fortunate you will have to deal with a Rhodesian ridgeback that has an affinity for the taste of blood. (She gets very protective when I’m away visiting her homeland.) Maybe those with any doubt about the viciousness of this hound should reach out to Charlie Sisk or Dave Petzal. On the other hand, if you’re unfortunate, you’ll run into my wife. She’ll be well armed, and in a bad mood because her men are gone.

The unwaveringly protective, Whiskey.

This trip is sort of a graduation present for Bat Mann. He’ll start college this fall and his plans are to secure a degree in business marketing. He wants to help companies in the outdoor industry better market their products to media representatives and customers. More specifically—and to quote the un-caped crusader—he told me, “I want Linda Powell’s job.” Those are some big shoes to fill!

Looking to a future in business marketing in the outdoor industry, Bat Mann will spend his summer between high school and college, on his fourth safari in Africa.

More to the point, for the first week of this month long adventure with Fort Richmond Safaris, we’ll be hunting with Gunsite Academy instructor Dave Hartman. At the end of his week of adventure, the Second Scout Rifle Safari contingency will arrive, and it will be made up of five hunters who were a part of the first Scout Rifle Safari last year. They’ll spend the first day of their safari in a rifle tune up class with Dave Hartman and me. Two of the Scout Rifle Safari participants plan to also hunt a buffalo. So, I’ll spend part of that first day prepping them and their rifles—lever-action rifles—for that quest.

Scout Rifle Safari hunters, Bill & Carrie Mazelin, with Professional Hunter Leon Duplessis.

When those fine folks leave, Carlos Martinez of Remington Custom Shop fame, his young son, and Michael Bane and a camera man will arrive. We will spend a week hunting plains game and buffalo with various Remington’s, Marlins, and Dakota rifles out of the custom shop. Again, the buffalo will be hunted with lever-action rifles.

African buffalo–with a lever action Marlins in 45/70!

But, just like on the late night infomercial, there’s more. Before those guys are done with their safari, Justin Sitz from Versacarry will arrive to hunt with Fort Richmond Safaris for his second time. Justin will be there partly for work to field test his new Ammo Caddy, which is a fantastic device for ammo management. He’ll be there for about two weeks, and before he leaves, freelance writer Jay Pinsky will show up for his own, one-week safari to test various rifles, optics, and ammunition.

The amazingly versatile Versacarry Ammo Caddy will be put to the test in Africa.

There will be lots of wonderful folks, lots of cool guns, some new and untested optics, a wild array of ammunition, and enough adventure to pack into an eight-part mini series. I’d suggest you follow us along on Instagram and Facebook, partly so you can be jealous, but also partly because there will be lots of magnificent images—my son will be working again as the official safari photographer—and stories to be told.

Built to mimic the style and look of the high end bolt-action rifles often carried to Africa, this mesmerizing Marlin 336 will be on safari in Africa this summer.