A Most Affordable Scout Rifle
A Most Affordable Scout Rifle

A Most Affordable Scout Rifle

Patriot Scout-3

If you’re looking for an affordable platform to build a Scout Rifle on, check out the Mossberg Patriot. In 2016 Jerry Dove of Dove Custom Guns and I pioneered this concept and since then it has been a base rifle for a custom scout by Granite Mountain Tactical.

Here is another Jerry Dove rendition, this is a scout he built for my wife on a Patriot Youth – which comes with an adjustable length of pull – and with Muddy Girl camo. I’m not a fan of the camo but my wife likes it.

Patriot Scout-2

Suggested retail on this rifle is less than $ 450 but you can find them for less than $ 400. The Dove Custom scout scope mount is about $ 150 installed, and if you must have open sights, you can get them from XS Sights. My wife did not want the open sights.

Patriot Scout-1

Either way, you’re into the rifle for about $ 550 and you cannot find a better Scout Rifle for that price anywhere. Weight as shown: 7 pounds, 2 ounces.

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