XS Rifle Sights

MLG 20

It’s not always about the optics. Some of us like to shoot with open sights and open sights have their place; especially as back-up sights. Some speculate or even swear that open sights are faster than optics but that’s not generally the case, particularly when low powered optics are used. Finn Aagaard proved this long ago. But that does not mean we should or always need to hunt with a riflescope. If we were to only use the best tools for the job, we would never hunt with a bow.

I’ve been using XS rifle sights for a long time and lately they are almost mandatory since presbyopia has set in. The inability to focus on objects up close makes rifle sights harder to see. The ghost ring or peep sight circumvents this problem and will let you continue to use open sights. They may not always be the best option but they sure make your rifle lighter and a joy to carry.

XS Sights is the one stop shot for aperture sights and I have them on several rifles to include my Mini-Cooper Rimfire Scout. I recently used them at Gunsite on a Mossberg lever action .30-30 and I’m currently installing one of the XS front sights on my New Ultra Light Arms .35 Whelen that will become my wilderness rifle. Its no secret that aperture – ghost ring – sights take some getting used to but with some practice you’ll be surprised how well you can shoot them. They may not be as fast as a red dot or low powered optic but they are twice as rugged and weighs a lot less.