The Weaver – Explained
The Weaver – Explained

The Weaver – Explained

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In this new high-tech world that seems to be driven by the Internet, we continually see so-called gun fight commandos condemning the Weaver stance. Problem is, most do not understand it. Another problem is that lots of these gun gurus base their critique or condemnation of the Weaver on their experience gained while standing in front of paper or steel targets. I don’t believe it is necessary to have survived a gunfight to speak with authority on the subject but if you have not pointed a gun at someone you were ready to shoot – at least hundreds of times, in good light and bad light and in various other situations – how would you know what works and what does not?

Those who parade around with their plastic pistols, in plastic holsters while condemning the Modern Technique of the Pistol are not necessarily wrong to suggest other methods work. But those who do so while bashing a technique that has sorted out numerous armed confrontations successfully, hardly get my attention or respect. It’s one thing to not like something, it’s another thing altogether to understand it.

For example, I don’t like the Glock. The reasons are not relevant to this discussion but they are based on experience; I carried Glocks on duty for almost 13 years. Pointed them at lots of folks too. Long enough and frequent enough to establish an informed opinion.

My point is, as opposed to blindly following the teachings and suggestions of some garage gun trainer or trophy wining competition shooter when it comes to fighting with a handgun, you might take the time to find out if he really knows what he is talking about. Does he really know what the Weaver is? Has he ever had to point a gun at multiple bad guys while trying to sort out a piss your pants problem?

Maybe this video will help those who do not understand the Weaver, appreciate the advantages it offers. Is it the best? I’m not sure we will ever really know. Can other stances be effective? Absolutely. My point is, don’t say something sucks unless you’re intimately familiar with it enough to know. The Weaver stance – as it is taught at Gunsite Academy – is not a competition shooting stance. If you want to be a competitive shooter there are other schools, teachers and techniques you might should consider.

CORRECTION: In the video the ticker says Gunsite was established in 1776. Obviously, that is not correct; it was 1976.