The Scout Rifle Study


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THE SCOUT RIFLE STUDY, The history of the Scout Rifle and its place in the 21st Century, is a book that delves into the history of the Scout Rifle, the definition of the Scout Rifle, COL Jeff Cooper’s intent of the Scout Rifle, and how it relates to and can serve as a general purpose rifle in the 21st century.

The unique web-based book includes a detailed review of all modern commercial scout rifles in the field and on the range. It also exposes every rifle covered in the book to a stringent and general purpose based shooting exercise. Information on optics, sights, triggers, practice, and training drills is also included.

The Scout Rifle Study is the ultimate resource for the Scout Rifle enthusiast and promises to be the definitive work on Scout Rifles to date. It has been four years in the making. Register HERE for FREE access to more than 60,000 words, 20 chapters, thousands of images, and hundreds of videos.

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