The Mann is on the Radio
The Mann is on the Radio

The Mann is on the Radio

revolutioncIf you have not had your weekly dose of hillbilly, I suggest you go on over to and check out The Revolution with Jim & Trav. Their show this week is on personal protection, concealed carry and the like. They needed someone to discuss training with a defensive handgun and it would appear all the experts were away for the holidays or maybe out fighting bad guys. So, they called me. The result was they got about five minutes of a hillbilly talking about a book, Handgun Training for Personal Protection, he wrote mixed in with some advice for those looking to choose a handgun for personal protection. Check it out and listen in. I can translate for anyone who does not understand mountain language and, no, I did not do this radio interview in my underwear!

To listen, just hit the PLAY button under the “LISTEN HERE” banner on the right side of the screen.


  1. Bob Todrick

    On the topic of hillbillies.
    Everyone here who enjoys Duck Dynasty (I admit it…I do) need to send an email to A&E right now.
    Seems Phil Robertson has made the huge mistake of stating in a magazine interview that he agrees with the bible that the gay lifestyle is wrong.
    Didn’t in anyway suggest or condone violence.
    Just said it was wrong…in his opinion.
    A&E has seen fit to force a ‘hiatus’ from the show on him, which will likely kill the show.
    Free speech seems to be a thing of the past.