.308 Winchester
.308 Winchester

Cooper’s Load

In his book, To Ride, Shoot Straight, and Speak the Truth, Cooper stated, “All scouts up to now have been in caliber .308, and the chronograph insists that the proper loading can start a 150-grain bullet from a 19 inch barrel at a couple clicks over 2700 f/s. These ballistics served Theodore Roosevelt and Steward Edward White very well in Africa, and they still can.”

CARTRIDGE WARS: 308 Winchester versus 300 Winchester Magnum

Outdoor writer Ron Spomer and I tend to disagree about cartridges more often than not. Our latest argument was centered around the 308 Winchester and the 300 Winchester Magnum. Watch the video and give your opinion – based on fact, fiction, or emotion – and then most importantly, pick a side.

A Little Bit of Ballistics

It’s cold here in the hills. Temperatures have been in the single digits and the wind has been blowing hard. I have a variety of projects I need to be working on but they all involve shooting, and, well, I’m holding out for better days. This has provided me with some down time and I’ve been looking around on the Internet a …