Steyr Scout meets Hornady ELD-X

Hunts with scout rifles continue. Few will argue there is a more perfect scout rifle than the Stery Scout but as I have learned – at least for me – fixed, low power scout scopes can limit hunting opportunities. There are some scientific reasons for this and I will detail them in my upcoming Book on scout rifles. So, for this hunt I’ll be using a Burris 2-7X Scout Scope with the Ballistic Plex reticle.

I can hear the purists screaming about how Cooper might roll over in his grave if he witnessed such a thing.

Thing is, I’m hunting for ME, with the rifle I want to hunt with, and I’m maximizing my opportunities for success. I’ll be ready for up close and personal with the 2X and for longer distance with the 7X and reticle. This is a horseback, spot and stalk hunt and an opportunity for a wolf exists. All this means the range could get extensive, at least by my standards.


I’m prepared in another way too. With a low expansion threshold of about 1750 fps, the Hornady, ELD-X 178 grain Precision Hunter load will still expand out beyond 500 yards. I know what you are thinking, can this guy hit anything thing at that distance? Well today on the range we applied the Doppler Radar data to the Steyr and the Burris scope’s ballistic reticle and I managed a first round hit on a 16 inch gong at 600 yards. First round hits were then repeated at 500 and 400 yards. This is also a 1 MOA load in the Steyr!

On the controlled environment of the range, the equipment is capable. In he heat of the moment out n the field, I hope I am.

The much more consistent Doppler radar generated data is what made this possible. With Doppler radar, instead of getting a snapshot or photograph of your bullet’s performance at various ranges, you get the equivalent of a video of its entire flight. All this allows you to compute very precise wind drift and trajectory.


Yesterday, we fired this same bullet into 10% ordnance gelatin at a replicated 150 yard impact velocity. I was amazed by the results. Penetration was 23 inches, expansion was 1.88 times its original diameter and, not that I’m planning on reusing the bullet, it retained 74% of its weight.

I am equipped for success but do I have the fortune to find a bear or wolf, and the skill to make the shot. After all, in the end that’s what it always comes down to!