Mossberg Fun

Mossberg-1The thing I really like about Mossberg is that they offer guns – made in America guns – that work and that don’t give your credit card diarrhea. This newest release is an AR style pistol in .22 LR. that weighs about three pounds, has a six inch barrel and the magazine holds 26 rounds. A Duck Commander version with Max-5 camo by Realtree is in the works too. Street prices should be less than $ 300.00. Duck Commander versions will cost more. After all, Mossberg has to pay Realtree to use their camo pattern and of course, Phil has to get his cut.

What in the world would you do with a gun like this? Really? Do you have to ask? Shoot it and have fun! If I had one here in the hills tonight I’d use it to smack the two raccoons that have been getting into my trash. You can do a lot with 26 CCI Stingers!