Melvin Forbes and his Famous Rifle Stock

Melvin Forbes and his wife Patty receiving the Pioneer Award from the National Rifle Association.
Melvin and Patty Forbes

This is the last of a four-part video series on Melvin Forbes and the wondrous rifle he created 30 years ago. If you are a hunter and you like light rifles I urge you to watch all four videos. Even if you are not a fan of light weight hunting rifles I suggest you tune in. Anytime Melvin talks there is something to be learned.

Melvin ForbesNew Ultra Light Arms – has just announced that for 2015 they will offer a Signature Series Rifle to celebrate their 30 years of engineering excellence. Melvin will autograph the barrel and word has it that this limited run of rifles might have a special Timney trigger and come with a very nice Galco Gunleather case.

It’s no secret that like all of us, Melvin will not be around forever. The immense sadness this will bring aside, it will be a terrible thing that millions of hunters will not have had the opportunity to own a bolt action hunting rifle like his.



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