Laser Sights and Donald Trump
Laser Sights and Donald Trump

Laser Sights and Donald Trump

LAS-3It occurred to me that laser sights on defensive handguns are looked at in much the same way as Donald Trump. Some folks are laser fans and some are adamantly against them. Donald can claim the same balance of support. Fortunately for gun owners looking to better prepare themselves for a bad experience, like with most things in life, an education can help.

You see, that’s the thing with laser sights; most who preach against them don’t understand them. In short, they have not been educated. This results in a number of myths about lasers that get spread around like a lie at a political debate. A laser sight is no different from any other tool used by humans. Take the iPhone, it is an amazing device but without proper instruction you’ll struggle to simply make a call. I’ve been an iPhone user for years, fortunately I have a bright 16-year-old that schools me on what it can do on a weekly basis.

Maybe this aversion to lasers is an aversion to technology. This might be closer to the root of the problem because if you hear someone beating the anti-laser drum, there’s a high probability they’re still using a flip phone, don’t have a DVR, and think Google is something you do on a date, while parked down by the river.


To appreciate what a laser sight on your defensive handgun can do for you, you have to do more than install it and go to the range. For example, some folks claim they can’t find their laser sight on the target. There are three possible reasons for this. First, you may be failing to establish a good shooting grip on the handgun. If this is the case you are not activating the instinctive switch on the Crimson Trace Laser Grip or Laser Guard. (If your laser does not have instinctive activation, you have the wrong laser!)

Second, they may not have the laser sighted in properly. This results in the laser not pointing to the same place the gun is. If that’s the case you can learn how to properly zero a laser HERE.

Third and finally, if you are struggling to locate your laser on the target maybe your handgun presentation sucks. You might be bowling the handgun towards the target or you might be casting it like you’re fishing. A handgun should be presented straight towards the target. If you do this, and if your laser is zeroed properly, the laser will appear – brightly – center mass on the target right where your handgun is pointing.

Don’t go bashing lasers on defensive handguns if you have no tangible experience with them or have not been properly trained on how to use them. Crimson Trace offers a free DVD and its a great place to begin your laser education. Gunsite Academy offers a laser integrated 250 Defensive Pistol Course, and as far as I know it is the only one of its kind in the country. Without these credentials on your training resume, you’re not in a reasonable position to offer a valid opinion.

As for educating you on Donald Trump, I can’t help you there. I know of no DVD or training course to school you on this character. But, I’m wondering…You think he has a laser on that handgun he claims to have a permit for?