Gunsite Bound

On Saturday Bat and I will head to Gunsite Academy for a week. Bat will be training with IL Ling New. He will be using both his 1911 in 9mm and his New Ultra Light Arms rifle in .243 Winchester. The goal is for Il Ling to give Bat some fine tuning on his weapon handling skills with a defensive handgun and a bolt action rifle. I’ve done about all I can with the boy. You see when a father is teaching a son or daughter or when a man is teaching his wife how to shoot, there is only so far you can go until you begin to reach a point of diminishing returns. There is after all a reason we send our kids off to school.

Sure, Bat has learned a lot and can probably out shoot a lot of cops and even experienced hunters. But, it is time he worked with someone who teaches – not shoots and writes about – firearms for a living. Its been a while since I worked a range professionally.

The problem is not necessarily that you or I cannot teach our kids and significant others. The problem is the complicated interpersonal relationships between close family members and even friends. The point is, don’t think you can do it all when it comes to teaching those you love how to shoot. Take them to a real teacher and the reward will be worth the time, money and effort.

Oh, and I’ll not be bored while Bat is on the range. I’ll be hanging out with Sheriff Jim Wilson shooting some video, shooting some guns and talking about guns and such.

The real question is, who will have the most fun, Bat or me?