Elmer Fudd versus the Tactard
Elmer Fudd versus the Tactard

Elmer Fudd versus the Tactard

There is somewhat of a cultural war going on in the gun world and while you may not be aware of it because of the cave you live in, I see it all the time with the writers and editors I work with. At odds are the Elmer Fudds and the tactards.

Fudd or tactard? You can’t tell can you?

The Fudds are the hunters and the tactards are those other guys. Fudds look at tactards like they are from another planet and tactards look at Fudds like they are Barney Fife. Fudd writers like to wax on with nostalgic verse and tactards like to beat the life out of you with acronyms and battlefield slang. Get a group of writers together and they’ll divide; tactards near the pool table and Fudds near the fireplace.

Funny thing is, there is really little difference between the two. For example:

Both Fudds and tactards lie: The Fudd will tell you about the turty point buck that got away and the tactard’s story goes something like, “There I was, 20 insurgents headed my way and all I had was a J-Frame and a multi-tool.”

Both Fudds and tactards miss: I’ve seen this with my own eyes. I’ve witnessed Fudds miss easy shots at animals as large as a couch and I’ve seen tactards fail to hit an IPSC target at 10 feet.

Both Fudds and tactards like guns: This obviously goes without saying but while a tactard thinks a .308 is the supreme long range weapon, a Fudd knows it Fuddwill not hold up to a .264 Winchester Magnum. (A tactard thinks a .264 Magnum is an old engine out of a Studebaker.)

Both Fudds and tactards have lots of guns: Tactards tend to have a multitude of ARs and a few bolt actions. Fudds, on the other hand, like to mix their battery with bolt guns, lever guns, single shots and even, god forbid; shotguns. Tactards have shotguns too; they’re short and evil looking. A Fudd’s shotgun is long and kind of sexy.

Both Fudds and tactards support the 2nd Ammendment: Tactards are all about personal protection and killing zombies. Fudds are all about hunting and shooting the fool who kicks in their door or says their coon dog is a trashy, me too dog.

Both Fudds and tactards like miscellaneous crap better known as shooting accessories: A Fudd will likely pull out his iPhone and show you is deer tracking, scouting log, weather map APP. While a tactard will be too busy texting his other tactard buddies and trying to work his ballistic APP to even have a responsible conversation about cool gear and gadgets.

Both Fudds and tactards are Internet experts. You’ll find them on the Web giving advice about how this or that bullet will not stop a threat or a moose and they will both make disparaging posts about any new cartridge or gun that has been recently announced.

Both Fudds and tactards have truck guns: A tactard will have a greasy Glock under the seat and a Fudd will have a S&W revolver in the glove box and maybe even a Henry Survival rifle behind the back seat.

Both Fudds and tactards hoard ammo: A Fudd will have a case of .30-30 ammo that he visits once a week and hugs while a tactard will have a 9mm and 5.56 NATO ammo cache buried in the back yard. (Neither will admit they are preppers but tactards often use the phrase “bugging out” while Fudds will say, “when the shit hits the fan.” (Tactards use this term to but in acronym form – SHTF.)

I’m admittedly somewhere in the middle. You might say I’m a tacFud but I like to think of myself as a regular, gun owning guy and that brings us to the 1880s Rigpoint of al this meandering. It might be fun to pit the tactards against the Fudds but in truth, they are the Ying and Yang of shooters. Fudds have been benefitting off what tactards learn and some of the best tactards grew up as hunters. Ever heard of a guy named Alvin York?

Fudds and tactards could learn a lot from each other if they took the time to put their differences aside and stop making fun of the other’s tattoos or camo boxer shorts. I was at a media event where a tactard showed up dressed like he had just stepped out of the sandbox. A Fudd standing beside me giggled and said, “Who does he think he is?” I looked at him in his Mossy Oak ensemble and wondered the same damn thing.

Two of the greatest firearms journalists to grace the pages of any magazine were Jeff Cooper and Finn Aagaard. Guess what? Both were hunters, both were staunch supporters of the Second Amendment and the right of personal protection, and both carried a gun. Cooper did more for the tactards than any man has or ever will, and Aagaard educated hunters by the hoards. (For what its worth, Sheriff Jim Wilson once told me Finn might have been the most dangerous man he ever met.)

Those hunters who claim to support additional gun restrictions are not Fudds; they are the enemy of liberty. Let’s not confuse the issue and attempt to further divide patriots.




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  2. MORE important is what should a new magazine write about. Yes, of course new guns, and the advantage of one caliber over another, and new optics and sighting equipment, BUT the one thing they ALL fall short on is OLD GUNS. I’m like 141 and many of these new guns do not aqppeal to me. But I WOULD like to learn more about the Colt Woodsman, the Browning Medalist, the Winchester 1903, the Remington Model 16 and Model 12. The different grades for each model, and even some centerfire rifles and shotguns, like the Remington 600, the Winchester 1892 and 1894. Brownings T-bolt and 22 BLR. Stevens Visible Loader. Gosh, there are just SO many. Yeah, I know, they’ve all probably been written about before, but not in a LONG while. The whole magazine doesn’t have to be devoted to old guns, shoot you’d probably never sell a magazine to anyone under 40, but for us guys 55 to 155 you’d likely find a pretty good market. What could be written about such guns? Well, assembly/disassembly, accuracy, popularity, value then and now (might inspire more guys to collect or at least to take care of these old relics), just any number of things. I feel like I’ve missed out on a lot because years ago when all that good information was being published I honestly could not afford a magazine subscription.

  3. The biggest difference? Only the FUDD will sell our 2nd Amendment Rights “down the river” to curry favor with Legistraitors.

    So, the FUDD is the most despicable backstabber of the gun culture. Followed closely by the old broke-dick Cowboy Action Shooters who have more money in their goofy “cowboy duds” than in their guns.

    A “tactard” (a word you just made up) will stand for all gunowners’ Rights, regardless of their form of tool, their discipline of shooting or the frequency of their range visits.

  4. Roy

    Derek, sadly your shortsightedness proves the rift between American gun owners that this article specifically points out. A rift that antis take advantage of. I am an avid hunter but also have my share of black rifles and handguns that I enjoy. I think the answer to supporting the 2nd Amendment is unity among all gun owners.