Don’t Panic
Don’t Panic

Don’t Panic


That’s always a good idea. While it looks like Comrade Obama will be pushing us into anther gun buying frenzy, it needs repeated. If you are like me your disposable income is not really disposable at all. But, you make exceptions here and there when it comes to guns and accessories. If you are reading this, you probably already have one or more ARs, several defensive handguns, and a reasonable amount of ammunition. Maybe its time you focused your panic and spent your money on something else.

For instance, if purchasing guns does in fact become extremely regulated you can expect to see more firearm thefts. Do you have a secure place to store all your guns? Is your gun safe full? Maybe you need a larger or another gun safe.


Ammo will also get harder to find. Are you set up to reload your own? Maybe you need to graduate from a single stage press to a progressive. When ammunition is in demand it’s not just the popular cartridges that are hard to find. Older cartridges like the .250 Savage and .32-20 Win. are only loaded once per year by major manufactures. When the demand is high for .223, .308, .9mm and .45, those manufacturers may not load the oldies at all.


Ditching those fancy grips on your Nighthawk Custom 1911 and replacing them with Crimson Trace laser grips is a good way to spend your money. So is replacing those target sights with some serious fighting sights like the ones from XS Sights. It might also be a good time to upgrade that $ 200 tactical scope to a serious optical sight like the ones offered by Nightforce.

But most importantly, it might be time to invest in some serious training. I know, we all think we can shoot pretty well but the reality is quite the contrary. Having lots of guns and lots of ammunition is a great thing; being able to use them effectively and efficiently is even better.

Can you take your defensive handgun, draw from concealment, and put five shots in a five-inch circle at five yards in five seconds? Can you take your rifle and, starting with it slung on your shoulder hit a five-inch circle at 100 yards in 10 seconds? Can you do those things on demand, every time?

The panic associated with gun buying is two-fold. The first driver is that we might not be able to buy them anymore; the second is that you might need one and not have it. Like I said, you probably already have a good collection of firearms. Why not take the disposable income you have worked hard to create and put it toward learning how to use the guns you already have?

Gunsite Academy now offers firearms training courses in Arizona, Indiana, and Virginia. and they even offer a laser integrated defensive handgun course. Anymore, you really just don’t have an excuse!