Doing the Mozambique

FINAL-COVER-SMALL-201x300There are a number of opinions on, and names for, the Mozambique Drill. Some call it the failure drill, some call it the body armor drill, and some consider it a standard threat response. Just the same, some train with it at three yards, others at five yards, and some at even greater distances

Most importantly, the drill requires you to deliver two fast shots center mass, followed by a more precision shot. This necessitates you get control of your shot cadence, under the pressure of time. No one will argue that is not a good skill to have.

The Mozambique Drill is one of the training / evaluation drills covered in my book, Handgun Training for Personal Protection. This video covers how you can use it as part of your defensive handgun training routine. It also mentions a great carry load for the .45 ACP from Doubletap; the one that I rely on in my Nighthawk Custom Commander.

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