Best Varmint Cartridges Ever
Best Varmint Cartridges Ever

Best Varmint Cartridges Ever

Yeah, lots of you will disagree, but the list is only 10 cartridges long. I collaborated with several professional hunters all over the world and this is the best 10 varmint cartridges we came up with. If you don’t like them, too bad, this is not your list. The cartridges were selected on a combination of popularity, nostalgia, and performance, by hunters who have actually used them in the field. The experienced hunters included several professional hunters from North America and Africa. Hunters who have actually hunted varmints and predators for money and enjoyment.

Truth is, a lot of cartridges will work for varmints – my first groundhog rifle was a 22 Magnum and my second was a 270 Winchester – but when it comes to the best ever, look no further.

  1. 22 LR
  2. 17 HMR
  3. 22 Hornet
  4. 204 Ruger
  5. 223 Remington

To find out what other cartridges made the list, you’ll have to click HERE and read the article.

*By the way, for all those who are wondering, the jackal in the lead photo was killed with a 6.5 Creedmoor.