Been there, got the T-shirt
Been there, got the T-shirt

Been there, got the T-shirt

I bet you’re thinking a Gunsite T-shirt, right? Nope. I got me a brand new, spanking Galco T-Shirt. (Now allI need are some new Tony Lamas.) Not sure I like it as much as the Galco Pin-Up t-shirt but you got to admit it is rather patriotic. Reason enough. You can order both the new Galco Eagle T-shirt and the Pin-Up T-shirt direct from Galco.

I ran the new Para-USA Pro Custom .45 all day today at Gunsite in the Galco Stryker kydex holster. The pistol is all stainless and hi-cap and the holster has a neat adjustment for varied belt widths. I got no complaints with either. Here at Gunsite with a great bunch and here is what might be the best part….They gots plenty of Remington ammo.

I’ll spring for the new Gunsite T-shirt tomorrow.




  1. Michael B. Saari

    I would much rather have a Gunsight T-shirt…. Richard, is there a book on bullets rather than on cartridges. I purchased your book on cartridges of the world, but really want a book on bullets of the world…. Cartridges don’t really mean anything to me….
    -Michael B. Saari