An Oscar Nomination for Timney’s Targa Triggers
An Oscar Nomination for Timney’s Targa Triggers

An Oscar Nomination for Timney’s Targa Triggers

Timney Two-Stage TARGA Triggers for the Remington 700 and AR 15

With all the talk about the Oscars and the movie The Revenant – which was really a story about a man who just wanted his rifle back – winning a bunch of them, I’ve got another Oscar nomination for you. Its for the new Targa triggers from Timney. Now, though it was rumored there was a Timney in the movie American Sniper,  a trigger has never won an oscar. Maybe its time…

As a direct result of customer demand, Timney has decided to offer two-stage triggers for he AR 15 and the Remington 700. Like all Timney triggers, they will offer crisp performance and ease of installation. That means you can install them yourself and I’ve done it. It takes about 10 minutes to install the Remington 700 or the AR 15 version.

If you don’t know the difference in a single and a two-stage trigger, the video below sorts that all out. For general-purpose rifles I prefer the single-stage trigger. For a precision rifle, designed to be shot from the bench or from prone, I’m OK with a two-stage trigger. Actually, lots of folks prefer the two-stage for precision work, which is why they’ve been asking for them for so long.

The Timney Targa (that’s what Timney is calling their two-stage triggers) for the AR 15 has a set 1st stage and 2nd stage weight of two pounds. But get this, the Targa for the Remington 700 is factory set for a 1 pound first stage and a 2 pound second stage. However – and this is important – both stages are end-user adjustable from 8 ounces to 1.5 pounds for the 1st stage and from 1.5 pounds to 4 pounds for the 2nd stage. You have to admit, this is as cool as a corndog with the mustard built in!



In fact, I installed a Timney two-stage Targa trigger on a rifle I’ve been working on. It’s a Remington 700 SPS Tactical AAC with a new Magpul Hunter stock that works with detachable Magpul magazines. (I had to remove a slight bit of plastic inside the rear of the trigger guard to make room for the straight trigger on the Targa.) Finished off with a Leupold 4-12X VX-R riflescope, a Harris bi-pod and an OSS Banner brake, this is the rifle I will field test .308 Winchester ammo in.

Why? Its shoots that good and the Targa trigger will help eliminate some of the shooter error I seem to be so fond of making.

If you’re a believer in two-stage triggers check out the new Targa triggers from Timney. Might better get one now, when they win an Oscar I ‘m expecting the line will get long and the supply short.


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