Richard Mann



Richard Mann has worked as a director, producer, writer, and talent on a variety of video projects. His first major production was in 2013 he worked with Michael Bane, Todd Jarrett, Julie Golob, and Gunsite Academy to produce, direct, and write, the Laser’s Edge DVD for Crimson Trace.

Since then he has created hundreds of videos for his own YouTube channel, worked with the Discovery Channel on firearm related content, and he was the developer, producer, and talent for the first season of Gunsite Academy Now! Richard also pioneered the concept of filming outdoor writers in a story-like format while they were hunting and testing products. This unique approach to hunting video content resulted in Season 1 and 2 of WILDCraft in 2019 and 2020.

With his Interest in WILDCraft disposed, Richard now works with his son, Sabastian “Bat” Mann who has contributed to productions for Amazon Prime, and produced commercials and numerous documentaries. With Bat as the lead videographer, Richard and his company Ramworks INC. can create a wide range of video content, in and outside the firearms community.