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Just loaded 35 rounds of 2Fity-Hillbilly with the brand new Hornady 110 grain .257 ELDX bullet for data collection prior to a Nebraska whitetail hunt next month. This is a 25 caliber bullet with a G1 BC of .465 and out of the 2Fity-Hillbilly Wildcat it will easily do 3050 fps. Hornady #whitetail #deerhunting #wildcatcartridge #wildcats ... See MoreSee Less

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The trolls and naysayers like to bash Scout Rifles on social media with comments like, "I'll stick to my - insert whatever." Few understand the utility of a true general purpose rifle or the advantages a forward mounted scope can offer. But, what they really miss is that a truly versatile scout, like this M7 Scout from the Remington Arms Company Custom Shop, can mount a traditional riflescope as well.

I'm prepping for a aoudad and oryx hunt in Texas next month and this rifle served me so well in Africa I decided it was perfect for this hunt too. And, since Swarovski Optik Hunting is a sponsor on this hunt, I mounted what might be the best riflescope money can buy: the Swarovski 1-8X Z8i.

I zeroed the rifle today with Remington Arms Company's new 168 grain HTP Copper load, which utilizes a Barnes Bullets 168 grain TSX. This is the first three shot group I fired.

So, for all you naysayers:
1. Scout Rifles are versatile.
2. Scout Rifles can shoot.
3. If you don't know what you're talking about, don't talk.
#scoutrifles #tightgroup #precisionrifle
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Have you been considering a Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle? If you, you might want to read this. ... See MoreSee Less

Chapter 8 of The Scout Rifle Study, which details the Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle, is now live. If you are interested in Scout Rifles you need to register for this book. All content is free. scou...

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Many shooters only think of Gunsite Academy as a tactical, self dedense school. It's much more, like a great place to learn how to shoot a hutning rifle better. Check out what Gunsite COO Ken Campbell has to say aout it.

Sight alignment. Trigger control. Follow through. Deadly hunting rifle accuracy depends on all of these, and attending a course at a good shooting school is not only a smart investment, it’s virtually guaranteed to increase your shooting knowledge and in-the-field hunting performance. Is it time to take your hunting rifle accuracy to the next level? Richard Mann | Empty Cases | Gunsite Academy
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