Finding Bigfoot and the Sasquatch Rifle – Part 1

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Last night as I tossed and turned in an effort to drift off, it hit me that my arsenal of firearms is missing something very important. My collection of guns does not include a Sasquatch rifle. I was somewhat stunned that this revelation had never came upon me until after the half century mark; how could I have made it as long as I had without a tool perfectly constructed to hunt Bigfoot?

Well, I gotta tell you, all chances for sleep quickly vanished and I found myself silently putting together the necessary elements of a Sasquatch rifle. This morning I decided to put pen to paper and codify the weapon system needed to take America’s most illusive creature. I quickly realized I had no clue where to start since I’ve never killed a Bigfoot. In fact, I’ve never seen one. Of course none of that seems to matter on the Internet, where anyone can spout off about hunting or shooting anything, regardless of their experiences.

So, I’m seeking assistance and if all of you can share your opinions, I’m sure I that I can combine those with my time afield and on the range to devise the perfect Bigfoot rifle. For starters, since we’re chasing what might ultimately turn out to be a mythical beast, we don’t want to spend a lot of money. So, I picked three affordable but reliable as the sun Mossbergs to start with. Tell me which one I should choose.


Mossberg Patriot in .375 Ruger with open sights.

The Sasquatch Rifle

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And of course, you need an optical sight of some sort. I’m torn between a long-range scope and a close quarters battle optic. On one hand I don’t want to get within Bigfoots’ reach and on the other I’m not sure they come out in the open often. I do believe low light performance will be paramount so I’m leaning toward the latest wonder optic from Meopta. Again, help me out.


Meopta R2 8x56mm MeoStar

Sasquatch Optics

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Finally there is the question of ammunition; do you need special stuff to kill Bigfoot? I have opinion but would be interested in yours. AccuBonds have worked for me all over the world but are they what’s need for the ultimate quarry?


The Nosler AccuBond.

Sasquatch Ammo

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