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The Empty Cases’ Guide to Being a Real, Gun Using, Outdoor Kind of Man

Own a truck. Always have a knife. Carry a knife. Always. The only time you should not have a knife is when you are naked, in a bed or when you’re swim

Cats in the Cradle

There is only a brief moment in time when you will have plenty of time to spend with your son and he will have plenty to spend with you. That time wit


The Wilderness Rifle, COL Cooper and Townsend Whelen

Over the years gun writers have written about Cooper’s scout rifle concept. His creation has been promoted, dissected and even misrepresented. At the same time major manufacturers have created their version of the scout and so have custom rifle builders. Being that Cooper established the definition
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When I graduated high school Remington introduced a new rifle. It was called the model Seven and I wanted one. But, a single 18 year old who already owned a model 700 had a lot of other things to spend his money on. (If I’d have been smart I’d have spent my money on the model Seven and s
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Gimmie Three Steps

Ronnie Van Zant’s words were ringing in my ears. The deer was 30 yards away, broadside and just needed three steps to be in the clear. Montana was on the gun, eye in the scope and ready. The minutes clicked by, the deer continued to eat and my heart was beating so loud I knew Montana could hea
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A Mossberg, A Big Mac and a Sable

  We’d been climbing, non-stop, for 30 minutes in order to get some elevation to help us locate the sable. My knees were screaming. All that time on a wrestling mat might have helped build character but it did nothing good for my knee joints. Had we seen the sable the pain and the heat would ha
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I took the Laser Grips off my 1911

  I didn’t think anything would ever make me do that until the mammoth ivory grips from Smitty’s Designs showed up. Oh my! Nothing like a Nighthawk 1911 built just the way you want it with mammoth ivory grips. And then there is my Novak’s (Joe & Dustin Bonar) 1911 which ha
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