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Empty Cases are Sometimes Full

Crisp and cold and windless, my breath hung about me like a spirit unsure where it should go. The colors of the autumn hardwoods were nearing Einstein

Where have all the great gun writers gone?

There was a time, not all that long ago because I can remember it, when the profession of writing about guns and the outdoors was looked at in an enti

The Empty Cases’ Guide to Being a Real, Gun Using, Outdoor Kind of Man

Own a truck. Always have a knife. Carry a knife. Always. The only time you should not have a knife is when you are naked, in a bed or when you’re swim

Cats in the Cradle

There is only a brief moment in time when you will have plenty of time to spend with your son and he will have plenty to spend with you. That time wit


PF vs. CRF & The Easter Bunny

One of the longest running rifle debates is the control-round-feed (CRF) vs. push-feed (PF) argument, which is primarily focused on rifles for dangerous game. Conventional wisdom dictates when a fellow is confronted with a critter that might stomp him into a blood puddle, rifle reliability is paramo
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Mashed Taters, Red Heads and Mopars

We have to make a lot of choices in life. Early choices deal with the food we eat. In grade school there was this kid who really liked mashed potatoes. When they were available he’d heap his tray and then eat them, and never close his mouth during the process. Another kid would eat about anything as
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CUR (Conditional Utility Rifle) Specifications

A few weeks ago I mentioned a concept rifle I’ve been working with for sometime. I call it the CUR and it is, admittedly, somewhat inspired by scout type rifles. Since then I’ve put several hundred more rounds through both CUR # 1 and CUR # 2 while working with the different sight system
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Kinda Cool Scope Tool

With the shot at hand, I’ve watched hunters in the field wrestle with the magnification setting on their scope. I’ve seen shot opportunities vanish because of this fiddling around. In fact, I’ve experienced it myself. For that reason I keep my scope magnification on the lowest sett
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Pretty Groups

The sun is beaming down and you’re sweating. Your shoulder or maybe your hand is a little sore from too much time behind the trigger. And, possibly, your elbow is a bit weak from working the reloading press. You and your buddy walk down range and gander at the target and he say’s, “
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Mountain Monsters – (A call for help to my industry friends.)

Last night after all the kids were asleep, Drema and I found some time on our hands. She has been off work for the past two days due to a vicious stomach virus so instead of getting out the Monopoly game we decided to look for something on TV to watch. Flipping through the channels I stopped when I
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Elmer Fudd versus the Tactard

There is somewhat of a cultural war going on in the gun world and while you may not be aware of it because of the cave you live in, I see it all the time with the writers and editors I work with. At odds are the Elmer Fudds and the tactards. The Fudds are the hunters and the tactards are those other
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New Sights from XS

  Anyone who follows this blog knows I use and trust XS Sights. I like them so much I had a set custom fitted to the gun – a Ruger Single Six in .32 H&R Mag – I carry everyday here around Shadowland. (It helps when you have a top notch gunsmith like Jerry Dove who lives close by
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Cutting it Close

After four trips to Africa you start to feel a little more at home while you’re there; more relaxed. It’s a, you’ve been there, done that, kind of feeling. That does not mean the rules do not apply or that the trophies come easier. My hunting partner Len Waldron had just taken his first African anim
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