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Ballistic Excitement

Look what the UPS man delivered today. (Every time he delivers me ammo he asks, “How do you get all this ammo? Know where I can get some small rifle primers?”)

It helps to know important people and I know this guy named Randy Grove who works for Remington. In fact, Randy is the guy who developed the .30 Remington AR cartridge. (Obviously we share a common interest.) Anyway, what I received today was production samples of Remington’s new Hog Hammer load for the .30 Remington AR which is loaded with a 125 grain Barnes Triple Shock bullet.

NO, I have not pulled the trigger on one of these loads yet but knowing what I know about this cartridge and the Barnes Triple Shock bullet, I’m betting this is suitable for all non-dangerous game. Wish I would have had some of this to test last month when I was in Africa!

Notice the nickle plated cases which are standard on all Hog Hammer loads. Look for Hog Hammer ammo on your dealers shelves this hunting season.

Thanks Remington for not abandoning my favorite and one of the most important rifle cartridges to be released in a long time. Now, PLEASE, smart folks who  own rifles chambered for the .30 Remington AR need brass!

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