CARTRIDGE WARS: 308 Winchester versus 300 Winchester Magnum

CARTRIDGE WARS: 308 Winchester versus 300 Winchester Magnum

Somewhere, every day, there are two or more shooters or hunters arguing that one cartridge is better than another. It might be across the counter at a gun shop, around a campfire, or on the Internet. Regardless where it’s happening, it ishappening.

Often these arguments are based more on emotion than fact. That’s OK; we all have every right to like or hate a cartridge for anyreason. Fortunately, cartridges don’t have feelings. Unfortunately, humans do. Because of this sometimes inconvenient, but often joyous fact, feelings sometimes get hurt and tempers often flare.

Outdoor writer Ron Spomer and I tend to disagree about cartridges more often than not. Our latest argument was centered around the 308 Winchester and the 300 Winchester Magnum. Watch the video and give your opinion – based on fact, fiction, or emotion – and then most importantly, pick a side.

Should you be a savvy shooter or hunter, you’ll obviously pick my side. Those who think bigger and faster are always better, will undoubtedly pick Ron’s. And that’s OK with me, but just like Ron, they’ll be just as wrong as he is.

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